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Reliance Level Alarm Model EA100S

  • Reliance Level Alarm Model EA100S Actuate Electric Warning Signals Or Fuel Cut-Out.
  • Pressures To 800 PSI At 520° F
  • FM - Factory Mutual Approved
  • CSA - Canadian Standards Associations (specify when needed)

When tank or boiler levels reach predetermined high or low levels, the Levalarm will actuate bells, horns or lights. The Model EA100S models are also used for fuel cut-out control.  The Reliance Level Alarm Model EA100S can be purchased with or without the body (Model EA100SLB)

Operation: A stainless steel float swings at the end of a pivot rod.  The rod head carries an Alnico V magnet.  The magnet attracts one leg of a U-shaped armature which is  attached to a microswitch leaf actuator.  A buoyed float holds the switch open or closed, depending on terminals used.  As liquid levels fall, the float drops and directs the magnet to the opposite position.  A closed switch actuates alarms.  An open switch achieves fuel cut-out.

Reliance Level Alarm Model EA100SLBOperation is highly reliable and sensitive because the the magnet counterbalances the float, allowing accurate use of the float's buoyancy.  Note that the magnet does not "slide", thereby eliminating any friction that could impede movement and accuracy.

For high temperature applications, a ventilated housing is available.  Also when insurance or other regulations require two independent fuel cut-outs, two Levalarms may be wired in series.

Open Convert Your EA100S Float Style Level Alarm Into A Probe Style (Click for EA100SRPV details)

Reliance Retropak KitRetropak Cap Assembly for EA100 Levalarms®

Single and Dual Function Control for Alarms, Pumps & Fuel Cut-Outs
  • Model EA100SRPV Fits EA100S and EA100SW

Installs on Boiler, Tanks, Water Columns - Pressures to 800 PSI

  • Designed to retrofit EA100S Models
  • Eliminates the float mechanism
  • Installs without disturbing any boiler piping
  • Higher reliability with conductivity probes
  • Less maintenance
Retrofit Kit Includes:
  1. New flange cover with V probe:
  2. Probe housing kit with ½”conduit connection
  3. Replacement flange gasket
  4. One 30 ft. length of 18 gage Teflon® insulated wire are supplied for the installation up to 15 ft. between probe and relay.
    Note: relay control sold separately
Open EA100S Cut-a-Way with Spare Parts (Click for Details)
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Level Alarm Retropak PC Level Alarm Retropak PC (221 KB)

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