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Fuel and Aviation Reels

Industrial ReelsHannay Reels is the leading supplier of hose and cable reels to nearly every major manufacturer of fuel delivery vehicles and aviation fueling equipment.

  • LP Gas:
      Home Delivery Vehicles
      Dispensing Systems
      Filling Stationary & Portable Cylinders
  • Petroleum:
      Home Delivery Vehicles
      In-Plant Refueling
      Off-Road Vehicle /Equipment Refueling
  • Aviation:
      Hydrant Refueling
      Mobile Refueling
      Sensing & Grounding
Download (PDF) catalog(s) for more information.
Aviation Reels Catalog Floater Reels Fact Sheet LP Gas Reels Catalog
Cable Reels Hose Reels Pressure Washer Reels

Aviation Reels Catalog Aviation Reels Catalog (2064 KB)

Floater Reels Fact Sheet Floater Reels Fact Sheet (641 KB)

LP Gas Reels Catalog LP Gas Reels Catalog (1149 KB)

Petroleum Reels Catalog Static Grounding Reels Fact Sheet  
Stainless Steel Hose Reels Static Grounding Reels  

Petroleum Reels Catalog Petroleum Reels Catalog (1139 KB)

Static Grounding Reels Fact Sheet Static Grounding Reels Fact Sheet (484 KB)