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Dwyer Series 1207

Handheld Flue Gas Analyzer
RS232 Output, Stores 150 Readings, 11 Pre-Programmed Fuels
Dwyer Series 1207Adjust boilers for optimum efficiency and conform to emission levels with Series 1207 Handheld Flue Gas Analyzer. The unit quickly measures and calculates all the parameters for accurate flue gas analysis. Simultaneously display eight different measurements in user selectable language. Series 1207 Analyzer can store up to 150 time/date stamped combustion tests and can transfer the data to a printer or IBM compatible PC for later analysis. Analyzer features 11 preprogrammed fuels, self calibration, and CO alarm preset at 1000 ppm. Measure Nitric Oxide with the optional NOx sensor. Unit includes probe, protective sleeve, 110 VAC power adapter, carrying case and manual.
Series 1207 Specifications:
Ranges: O2: 0-21%; CO: 0-4000 ppm; CO2: 0-99.9%; NO: 0 to 5000 ppm; Temp. (Flue and nett): 32-1112°F (0-600°C); Efficiency: 0-99.9%; Poison Index: 0-99.9%; Excess Air: 0-2885%.
Accuracy: O2: ±0.2%; CO: ±20 ppm <400 ppm, ±5% >400 ppm; CO2: ±0.3% of rdg.; NO: ±5 ppm <100 ppm, ±5% >100 ppm; Temp.: ±5°F (±2°C), 0.3% of rdg.; Efficiency: ±1.0% of rdg.; Poison Index: ±0.01; Excess Air: ±0.2%.
Resolution: O2: 0.1%; CO: 1 ppm; CO2: 0.1%; NO: 1 ppm; Temp.: 1.0°F/C; Efficiency and Excess Air: 0.1%; Poison Index; 0.01%.
Ambient Operating Temperature: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C).
Power: 110 VAC adapter (220 VAC optional).
Computer Requirements: IBM compatible 386 or above and Windows® 3.1 or later with 2MB RAM and 2MB hard drive disk space, one serial port.
Pre-Programmed Fuels: Natural gas, Town gas, Light oil, Heavy Oil, Coke, Coal, Anthracite, Propane, Butane, Kinsale gas, and Gascor.
Probe: 11-1/4" (28.6 cm) length, stainless steel, Type K thermocouple, 9 ft (3 m) neoprene hose.
Weight: 2.2 lb (1 kg).
Agency Approvals: CE.
Model 1207 Flue gas analyzer. Usually In Stock
Model 1207-NOX Flue gas analyzer with Nox sensor. Check with Us.
Available Accessories:
P/N 1206-1 Infrared Printer
P/N 1207-6 220 VAC adapter
P/N 1206-71 Replacement filter