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Series DL6 Pressure/Temperature/RH Data Logger

Self-Powered, 5-channel, Store up to 32,768 Readings, Compact

Monitor and troubleshoot HVAC systems, verify energy management systems, or track performance of pneumatically controlled valves with Series DL6 Pressure/Temperature/RH Data Logger. Units include an on-board thermistor for ambient temperature measurement and pressure module. Remote humidity/temperature sensor and plug-in humidity sensor are sold separately. Loggers can store up to 32,768 readings and operate independently from any external power supply with built-in lithium battery. Use Model DL200 Windows™ software (sold separately) to quickly program the logger or upload data to the computer.



No. of Channels: Five; internal thermistor, pressure module (included), plug-in humidity sensor, remote humidity/temperature sensor.
Internal Thermistor Range: -40 to 158°F (-40 to 70°C).
Compensated Temperature Range: 32 to 158° F (0 to 70°C).
Memory Size: 32,768 readings.
Accuracy: ±1% FS.
Clock Accuracy: ±8 sec/day plus one sampling interval.
Thermal Accuracy: ±1% FS.
Drift: ±0.2% FS/yr.
Internal Thermistor Resolution: 0.7°F (0.4°C), R25 value equal to 10,000Ω.
Resolution: 8 bits (1 in 256).
Sampling Method: Continuous (First-in, First-out) or Stop when full(Fill-then-stop).
Sampling Rate: Selectable from 8 seconds to once every 5 days.
Ambient Operating Temperature/RH: -50 to 160°F (-45 to 70°C), 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing.
Connection: Removable screw terminal.
Computer Requirements: IBM compatible 386 or above and Windows™ 3.1 or later with 2MB RAM and 2MB hard drive disk space, one serial port.
Power Requirements: Built-in 3.6V Lithium battery.
Power Consumption: 5 to 10 µA.
Service: Air and noncorrosive gases.
Max. Pressure Rating: 4x rated pressure.
Housing Material: Noryl™.
Weight: 5 oz (110 g).
Agency Approvals: CE.

Popular Models:
Model Number Pressure Range
DL6005 0 to 5 psig (30 kPa)
 DL6030 0 to 30 psig (200 kPa)
 DL6100 0 to 100 psig (700 kPa)
Model Number Description
 DL200 Windows Software and Connecting Cable
 DL690 Remote Humidity/Temperature Sensor
 DL691 Plug-in Humidity Sensor
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