Marsh Single-Mag™ flow meter

The Marsh Single-Mag Flow Meter is an insertion-type device that provides a highly cost-effective solution for the accurate measurement of liquid flow in closed conduit, pressurized pipe applications. Unlike conventional magnetic meters, the Single-Mag’s cost is independent of pipe size. Velocity and pipe diameter information are utilized by the Single-Mag to determine flow over wide flow ranges with a high degree of accuracy.

The Marsh Single-Mag reliably measures flow in water and wastewater as well as any type of industrial flow processes involving conductive fluids such as potable water, slurries, sludge, cooling water, and pulp stock. 

  • Supports pressurized line sizes from 2 to 96 inches (50-2500 mm)
  • Accuracy: ±2% of reading ± zero stability at -3 to +10 ft/s (-0.9 to +3 m/s)
  • Wide flow range: -5 to +20 ft/s (-1.5 to +6.1 m/s)
  • 4-20 mA output signal
  • Proven electromagnetic technology based on Faraday’s Law
  • Debris shedding, self cleaning sensor eliminates costly maintenance
  • Cost is independent of pipe size.
  • Easy installation/no interruption of flow process
  • Special sensors for harsh environments
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Local Velocity Measurement:
  • Method: Electromagnetic (Faraday's Law)
  • Range: -5 to +20 ft/s (-1.5 to +6.1 m/s)
  • Zero Stability: ±0.03 ft/s (±.009 m/s)
  • Accuracy: ±2% of reading ± zero stability at -3 to +10 ft/s (-0.9 to +3 m/s)
  • Resolution: 0.01 ft/s (3.05 mm/s)
Pressure / Temperature Measurement:
PVC Insertion Tube: 150 PSI up to 105°C (40°C)
Stainless Steel Insertion Tube: 250 PSI up to 140°F (60°C) (McCrometer recommends the use of Stainless Steel)
Product Applications:
Agricultural & Turf Irrigation Canal Laterals | Center Pivot Systems | Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation | Golf Course and Park Water Management
Food Boilers | Steam | Water
Power Feedwater
Process & Facility Control Air | Air + C02 + SF6 | Air / Gas | Argon | Carbon Dioxide | Caustic | Compound Blending Systems | Condensate | Cooling Water | Gases (Ammonia, Argon, Chlorine, CL2 + Air, Fuel, HCI + H2, Hydrogen, Naphtha, Natural, Nitrogen, Other Hydro Carbon, Propylene) | Liquid Butane | MTBE | Oil | Solvent | Steam | Tank-Car Loading | Water | Water Condensate
Pulp, Paper and Wood Black Liquor | Pulp Stock
Water & Wastewater Back Wash | Cooling Water | Filter and Pipe Galleries | Potable Water | Pump Stations | Pump Stations-Raw Water | Rate-of-flow Controller- Raw Water | Transmission Lines-Raw Water | Truck Loading and Discharge | Wastewater Effluent | Wastewater Management | Water Well Production
The following flow and installation parameters will help you decide whether the Marsh Single-Mag is suited to your specific flow measurement application.

Flow Parameters:
Types of flow measured Liquid flow in closed conduit pressurized lines Flow Range: -5 to +20 ft/s (-1.5 to +6.1 m/s)
PVC Insertion Tube 150 PSI up to 105°C
Stainless Steel Insertion Tube 250 PSI up to 140°F (60°C) (McCrometer recommends the use of Stainless Steel)

Installation Parameters:
Pipeline sizes 2 to 96 inches (50 mm to 2500 mm)
Mounting Ball valve or Corporation Stop
Environmental protection rating NEMA 4X / IP65

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