A submersible, electromagnetic design flowmeter

  • Mx MagmeterEasy, straightforward field installation
  • Optional bi-directional measurement
  • Up to ±0.5% accuracy of rate
  • ±0.1% repeatability
  • No moving parts
  • Negligible headloss
  • Flow range of 0.75 to 35 ft/second
  • Choice of liner and electrode materials
  • Choice of flange styles

McCrometer's MxMagmeter is the only flowmeter of its kind designed specifically for water and wastewater use. Its advanced electromagnetic design delivers up to +/-0.5% accuracy and +/-0.1% repeatability for almost all conducting liquids and slurries. The unit is completely submersible and features a pressure-tested, fully welded body (NEMA 6P rated) to tolerate even the most inhospitable operating environments.

This reliable flowmeter has a non-intrusive design that allows free passage of flow without clogging and without wear to the measurement sensors. There are no moving parts to replace or maintain, so ongoing operating costs are low.

The MxMagmeter features easy-to-use, microprocessor electronics mounted in a remote enclosure to keep them safe and dry. Remote electronics also enable easy access to the digital readout regardless of flowmeter location.

Electronics can be direct-mounted onto the flowmeter body when preferred.

The MxMagmeter is designed for line sizes from 1" to 32" diameters.

Accuracy: �0.5% of rate
Repeatability: �0.1%
Flowrange: 1.5 to 33 feet per second
Sizes for line diameters from 2" to 36"
Headloss: Negligible
Installation Requirements: 5 straight diameters upstream and 2 diameters downstream
Fluids: Both Clean and Dirty fluids with a minimum conductivity of 5 micro Siemens per centimeter
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