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150# ANSI Flanged 300 & 600 # ANSI Flanged 90 Degree Angle Teflon Lined Units 150# Threaded Up to 3000psi Threaded Model 1000-S Model 4000-S Model 830-F Model 850-S Model 805-S Model 830-HP Lighting Lighting Model 5300-PVQ Model W5000 Models S-5100 & S-5400 Model 5200-PVQ Sanitary Units Uniglas Model 5200 Commercial Pad Model 5005-DW S ince 1914, Jacoby Tarbox has served the Process Industries with the widest and most comprehensive range of Sight Flow Indication Products and Solutions in the world.  Jacoby Tarbox offers the industry's most complete line of sight flow indicators and sight windows, including ANSI, Teflon & Tefzel lined, FM approved dual-window, armored, full-view, threaded window and low-flow gaseous models. All popular sizes and materials of construction are available, with flanged, threaded and special connections, as well as rotator, flapper, drip-tube or plain indicator styles. Also included are threaded, oblong and conventional sight windows.

Jacoby Tarbox Sight flow indicators provide an effective way to view the condition of liquids or solids flow through pipelines at most any flow, pressure, or temperature, a major advantage over electronic devices where it is difficult to distinguish if there is a flow problem or malfunction in the device. 

Jacoby Tarbox Sight Flow Indicators assure a direct and positive indication of flow rate, flow direction, and condition of the medium being transported plus enable a means of inspecting pipelines for dirt, scale, and foreign matter.

Economical, easy to install, and an inexpensive investment for installations in viewing stations at many points throughout a processing system, Jacoby Tarbox  distributes sight flow indicators worldwide to meet routine as well as the most punishing applications.  The complete line offers a wide range of body materials, gasket materials, glass types, window designs, rubber lined, corrosion-resistant TFE-lined indicators.  All major styles are offered in a variety of sizes with threaded, flanged, or other end connections; operating pressures from 20 PSIG to 3000 PSIG; and are fully ANSI Rated or Nominal ANSI Rated.  Special Jacoby Tarbox indicators can be designed to accommodate specific application requirements for virtually every phase of liquid movement.

Valuable for minimizing or eliminating downtime, plant engineers can view actual line conditions and the quality of oil used to lubricate plant equipment.  With steam processes, Jacoby Tarbox  indicators enable personnel to detect, at a glance, the presence of condensate and to promptly take steps to eliminate it.  By clearly showing drops in flow rates and discoloration of material when filters become clogged, corrective action can be taken immediately.  In applications involving the processing of solids, straight-through sight flow indicators are recommended.

Sight Flow Indicator Features / Choices:
ANSI Flanged and Threaded connections standard. DIN, JIS, RTJ, and MIL-F connections available.
Rotor, Flapper, Drip, Plain, Ball, and TFE Flutter Indication Options for all flow applications.
Indicators from Full Vacuum to 3000 PSIG.
Cylindrical (Tubular) Armored Sheathed Indicators.
TFE, ETFE, CTFE, and rubber lined indicators.
90° Angle, 3-Way, and Custom Designed Indicators for tough applications.
3A® Sanitary Indicators and Vessel Windows.
Full ANSI rated models as a standard feature.
FM® Dual Windows, Uniglas® and Dual Uniglas® Safety Sight Glass options for all indicators and windows.
Explosion-proof lighting and NEMA 4 Illuminators.
ASTM materials of construction standard.
ASME Code Sight Windows for Pressure Vessels and Pipelines.
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All Units Are Hydrotested Prior To Shipping From Factory.
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