McCrometer Flow Products

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Helical Rotor Positive Displacement Flowmeter

The HR� Helical Rotor Positive Displacement Flowmeter is an ideal flow meter for precise measurement of clean, viscous fluids.

The Helical Rotor Flowmeter measures process fluid by employing two, precision-fitted, counter rotating helical rotors as the flow measuring element. Known, fixed volumes are displaced between the rotors. This makes the rotation of the rotors precisely proportional to the volume of the fluid being displaced. The number of rotations of the rotor is counted by an integral electronic pulse transmitter and converted to volume and flow rate.

The flow meter can be used for all relatively nonabrasive fluids such as heating oils, lubrication oils, polymer additives, animal and vegetable fat, lacquer, printing ink, freon, and many more.

HR Flowmeter Specifications:
Accuracy: Up to �0.1% of rate
Repeatability: Up to �0.01%
Flowrange: 70:1 and greater
Sizes for line diameters from �" to 4"
Headloss: Viscosity Dependent
Installation Requirements: No upstream diameters required
Fluids: Clean, viscous fluids
Viscosity Range: 1 to 5000 C-Stokes typical
High pressure, temperature, and corrosion resistant capability