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LumaStar Explosion-Proof LED Illuminator Model EPL-100

Explosion-Proof (LED Light Source; CSA Approved, FM Approved for Class 1 & 2, Division 1, Groups B, C & D) NEMA 4X, & 7 120 / 230 VAC

LumaStar EPL-100The LumaStar Model EPL-100 is a Flat Glass LED Illuminator backlighting unit for transparent level gages & sight windows that provides brilliant illumination of the process level and a maintenance-free bulb life of over 10 years. The impact on plant safety and reliability is immediate. Economically, the LumaStar Model EPL-100 Illuminator pays for itself in less than two years through maintenance and electricity savings.

The new Jerguson® LumaStar Model EPL-100 also surpasses the length limitations of current "wedge or fiberoptic" type illuminators that cover a maximum of two sections or three sections respectively. The introduction of the LumaStar Model EPL-100 enables coverage of up to four gage sections and allows the use of a single illuminator and power supply for the majority of level gage applications, saving both time and money on instillation.

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  • Jerguson LumaStarHigh Contrast - Superior Visibility Day or Night
  • Maintenance FREE
  • Long Life - 100,000 hours
  • No Heat Generation
  • Field Upgradeable - Fits Any Glass Gage
  • Eliminates "Bulb Changes"
  • Longest Field-of-View
  • Covers up to 4 Size 9 Gage Sections
  • Explosion-Proof Power Supply - Intrinsically Safe Lighting Circuit
  • Pays for Itself in Electricity Savings Alone

Jerguson's LumaStar EPL-100 is approved for use in Class 1, Div 1, Groups B, C & D environments. The light strip housing (by itself) is NEMA 4X rated & CSA Approved. This light is available in any size up to 55" long with a single power supply. This translates to a 4 section, size 9 gage from one power supply at less than 750 mA. Most competitors only offer lights/illuminators that rely on incandescent bulbs. Incandescent lights, while fairly bright tend to have a light source concentrated toward the bottom of the gage (at the bulb location). The LumaStar Model EPL-100's linear array of white LED's lighting spreads evenly across the gage's visible area (spaced at 1/2" intervals) providing a light source bright enough to cut through even the darkest crude oil. The EPL-100's "life" is nominally rated for 100,000 hours compared to the average 3-month life of incandescent bulbs.

Easy to install on existing Jerguson or competitor's level gages. Installation is as simple as snapping the LumaStar Model EPL-100 assembly onto the flat glass gage and connecting the power.

Specifications for EPL-100:

  • Power Supply = 120 or 240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz
  • Power Consumption = < 750 mA @ 120 VAC | < 375 mA @ 240 VAC
  • Estimated Life = 100,000 (continuous) hours
  • Agency Approvals = Explosion-Proof (LED Light Source; CSA Approved, FM Approved for Class 1 & 2, Division 1, Groups B, C & D) NEMA 4X, & 7 120 / 230 VAC; ATEX Option: Ex d [ia] IIC T6 Ta = -40°C to 77°C (Power Supply) / Ex ia IIC T4 Ta = -40°C to 77°C (Light Strip)
  • Wire Size = Min 18 AWG / Max 12 AWG
  • Maximum Distance form Power Supply to Light Strip = 8 feet (2.5m)
  • Ambient Temperature = -40° F (-40° C) to 170° F (77° C)
  • Electrical Connection = 1/2" fnpt
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