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Series 2000 Magnehelic Pressure Gauge

Differential Pressure Gauges Series 2000 (also available in a digital version)
Indicates low air or gas pressures - positive, negative or differential.  Accurate to within 2% with 81 ranges.
LED Setpoint Indicator   Transparent Overlays

Bright red LED on right of scale shows when setpoint is reached.  Field adjustable from gage face, unit operated on 12-24 VDC.  Setpoint indicator option comes with medium pressure (MP) bezel. Option - SP

  Furnished in red, yellow, or green to highlight and emphasize critical pressures. Option - R (RED) - Y (YELLOW) - G (GREEN)
Adjustable Signal Flag   Mirrored Scale Overlay
Integral with plastic gage cover.  Available for most models except those with medium or high pressure construction.  Can be ordered with gage or separate. Option - ASF   A Mirrored Scale Overlay is also avalable to assist in reducing parallax error. Option - M
Air filter gage accessory package   Portable units
Adapts any standard Magnehelic for use as an air filter gage. Includes aluminum surface mounting bracket with screws, two 5 ft lengths of 1/4" aluminum tubing, two static pressure tips and two molded plastic vent valves, integral compression fittings on both tips and valves.   Combine carrying case with any Magnehelic gage of standard range (not high pressure) includes 9 ft. of 3/16" I.D. rubber tubing, stand- hang bracket, and terminal tube with holder.
  In applications where pressure is continuous and the Magnehelic® gage is connected by metal or plastic tubing which cannot be easily removed, we suggest using Dwyer A-310A vent valves to connect gage. Pressure can then be removed to check or re-zero the gage.
A single case size is used for most models of Magnehelic® gages. They can be flush or surface mounted with standard hardware supplied. With the optional A-610 Pipe Mounting Kit they may be conveniently installed on horizontal or vertical 1-1/4" to 2" pipe. Although calibrated for vertical position, many ranges above 1" may be used at any angle by simply re-zeroing. However, for maximum accuracy, they must be calibrated in the same position in which they are used. These characteristics make Magnehelic gages ideal for both stationary and portable applications. A 4-9/16" hole is required for flush panel mounting. Complete mounting and connection fittings plus instructions are furnished with each instrument.    
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