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Dwyer Series LLC - Conductivity Controller

Single Point or Differential Level Service, Compact Size, Up to 6 ft. (1.82 m) Probes
Control valves, pumps and alarms with the versatile Series LLC Conductivity Level Controller. Select the required number of probes for single or dual point level detection. Choose probe lengths in 1-foot increments (up to six feet) to adapt the LLC to your specific applications requirements. The LLC features rugged 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) diameter, stainless steel probes, LED monitoring, surge protection, low voltage sensor and different mounting options.

1. Determine your supply voltage. Select between 120 and 240 VAC.
2. Determine the required sensitivity. Select between 10K Ω and 26K Ω.
3. Determine the socket style. Select between 8-pin octal and DIN mount.
4. Determine the required number of probes. Specify quantity of Threaded Mounting Couplings, model LLC-82. (A coupling is required for each probe.)
5. Select probe lengths. Specify model numbers for probes.

Service: Electrically conductive fluids.
Wetted Materials: 316 Stainless Steel, Teflon®.
Temperature Limits: Controller: -40 to 150 °F (-40 to 65°C); Probes: 406°F (207°C).
Pressure Limits: Probes: 400 psig ( 27 bar).
Accuracy: ±0.25% FS
Switch Type: SPDT, N.O. or N.C.
Electrical Rating: 10 Amps resistive, 1/3 hp, 120/240 VAC.
Power Requirements: 120 VAC or 140 VAC.
Electrodes: 1/4" (6.3 mm) diameter, 316 SS.
Maximum Probe Length: 72 Inches (1.82 m).
Controller Sensitivity: 10 KΩ or 26KΩ.
Mounting: Controller: 8 pin octal or DIN mount; Probes: 3/8" Male NPT.
Weight: Controller: 6 oz. (170 g).
Series LLC Conductivity Controller Models
Model Number Supply Voltage Sensitivity Socket Style
 LLC-118  120 VAC  10K O  8-Pin Octal
 LLC-128  120 VAC  26K O  8-Pin Octal
 LLC-115  120 VAC  10K O  DIN Mount
 LLC-125  120 VAC  26K O  DIN Mount
 LLC-218  240 VAC  10K O  8-Pin Octal
 LLC-228  240 VAC  26K O  8-Pin Octal
 LLC-215  240 VAC  10K O  DIN Mount
 LLC-225  240 VAC  26K O  DIN Mount
Series LLC Conductivity Controller (Probe Models)
Model Number Length (feet/m)
 LLC-31  1 (.3 m)
 LLC-32  2 (.6 m)
 LLC-33  3 (.9 m)
 LLC-34  4 (1.2 m)
 LLC-35  5 (1.5 m)
 LLC-36  6 (1.8 m)
Series LLC Conductivity Controller (Coupling Models)
Model Number Description
 LLC-82 Coupling
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