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Series PS Proximity Sensors

Capacitive or Inductive 3-Wire DC, Threaded Body
The Series PS Proximity Sensors are noninvasive sensors ideal for level detection, position indicating and counting applications. Capacitive type sensors detect electrically conducting and nonconducting materials, liquids, solids, or powders and include a sensitivity adjustment to differentiate between various materials. Inductive sensors detect ferrous or nonferrous metals only. A bright red LED indicates the state of the output switch. Sensors feature short circuit, reverse polarity and transient protection. Small size and threaded body make installation easy. Inductive sensors are embeddable (can be mounted flush). Capacitive sensors are environmentally protected to IP65 and Inductive sensors are protected to IP68. Units include two fixing nuts, screw driver, and operating instructions.

Wetted Materials: Glass reinforced plastic (Capacitive), Stainless Steel (Model PSI2002203), Nickel-plated Brass (Model PSI2005303).
Temperature Limits: -22 to 212°F (-30 to 100°C) capacitive, -13 to 158°F (-25 to 70°C) inductive.
Enclosure Rating: PSC: IP65, PSI: IP68.
Repeatability: ±0.05% (Model PSC20103), ±0.1% (Model PSC20203), ±0.01% Inductive Models).
Switch Type: Normally open NPN translator, sinking.
Electrical Rating: 250 mA (Capacitive), 200 mA (Inductive).
No-Load Current: <8 mA (Capacitive), <25 mA (Inductive).
Leakage (Off-State) Current: <3 mA (Capacitive), <25 mA (Inductive).
Voltage Drop: <3.5 @ 250 mA (Capacitive). <2.5V @ 200 mA (Inductive).
Supply Voltage: 8 to 30 VDC.
Ripple: 10%.
Cable Length: 9.8 ft (3 m).
Deadband: 20% of range (Capacitive), 15% of range (Inductive).
Initializing Time Delay: <10 msec.
Agency Approvals: CE.

Stocked Models:
Model Number Type Body Size Switching Frequency Detecting Dist., mm
 PSC20103 Cap. M18 400 Hz 1-10 adj.
 PSC20203 Cap. M30 250 Hz 2-20 adj.
 PSC30203 Cap. M30 250 Hz 2-20 adj.
 PSI2002203 Ind. M12 800 Hz 2
 PSI2005303 Ind. M18 500 Hz 5
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