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Proximity Series PLS Paddle Level Switch

Economical Rotary Paddle Level Control, Top or Side Mounting for Dry Bulk Materials

Incorporated in the design of the PLS is a magnetic drive that is time proven by decades of use in our Mark Series valve position indicator product line. A 1 rpm synchronous motor rotates the paddle utilizing a magnetic drive. As product builds up the paddle is impeded from moving and the resulting motor torque activates the output switches and stops the motor. A spring mechanism reactivates the motor and returns the switches to normal state when the product no longer impedes the paddle rotation.

Standard construction is weatherproof with explosion-proof optional, and the unit can be side or top mounted. The PLS is designed with the industry standard 1-1/4" male NPT connection and mounting flanges.  Dimensional Information

Service: Dry powder or bulk materials compatible with wetted materials.
Sensitivity: Minimum material density of 5 lb/ft³ (80 kg/m³), maximum of 200 lb/ft³ (3200 kg/m³).
Wetted Materials:
Paddles: 316 SS. Exposed Shaft: 316 SS. Shaft Seal: PTFE. Mounting Boss: Aluminum. Flexible Coupling: 316 SS. Mounting Flanges: Carbon Steel or 316 SS. Shaft Extension and Shaft Guards: Galvanized Steel or 316 SS.
Temperature Limits:
  Standard Construction: Process: -40 to 300°F (-40 to 148.9°C), Control Head: -40 to 200°F (-40 to 93.3°C).
  High Temperature: Process: -40 to 500°F (-40 to 260°C), Control Head: -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C).
Pressure Limit: 30 psig (2.07 bar) maximum for .5 micron or larger material.
Power Requirement: Select by part number: 110-120 VAC, 230 VAC, 24 VAC, 48 VAC, 12 VDC, or 24 VDC.
Power Consumption: Weatherproof models: 5 watts, Explosion-proof models: 3 watts.
Enclosure: Aluminum, powder coated.
Enclosure Rating: Weatherproof (W, WH construction): NEMA 4X, Explosion-proof (E, EH construction): NEMA 4X and rated for Class I, Div. 1 & 2, Groups C & D, Div. 1 & 2, Groups E, F, & G.
Switch Type: SPDT or optional DPDT snap switch.
Electrical Rating: 15A @ 120/230 VAC, 5A @ 24 VDC.
Electric Connections: Screw terminals.
Conduit Connection: 3/4" female NPT.
Process Connection: 1-1/4" male NPT. Optional flange.
Weight: Control head only: 4 lb (1.81 kg).
Indication Light: Red LED that activates when switch is made (not available on Explosion-proof models).
Options: Time delay relay, high temperature construction, top mount, shaft extensions, shaft shields, flexible couplings, other power voltages, reversed light.
PDL-1 - Minimum bulk density of 6 lb/ft3 (80 kg/m3). PDL-2 - Minimum bulk density of 30 lb/ft3 (481 kg/m3).
PDL-3 - Minimum bulk density of 30 lb/ft3 (481 kg/m3). Fits through a 1-1/4" coupling eliminating the need for a mounting flange. PDL-4 - Minimum bulk density of 70 lb/ft3 (1122 kg/m3). Fits through 1-1/4" coupling eliminating the need for a mounting flange.
Series PLS Paddle Level Switch - Control Assemblies
Model Number Description
 PLS-W-S-1-0-0-0-0 Control Assemblies
 PLS-W-S-1-3-0-0-0 Control Assemblies
 PLS-W-S-1-2-CSH-0-0 Control Assemblies
Series PLS Paddle Level Switch - Paddles
Model Number Description
 PDL-1 Paddle
 PDL-2 Paddle
 PDL-4 Paddle
 PDL-3 Paddle
Series PLS Paddle Level Switch - Flanges
Model Number Description
 FLG-CSH Mounting Flange for PLS, Carbon Steel with Half Coupling
 FLG-CSF Mounting Flange for PLS, Carbon Steel with Full Coupling
 FLG-SSH Mounting Flange for PLS, 316SS with Half Coupling
 FLG-SSF Mounting Flange for PLS, 316SS with Full Coupling
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