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Mercoid Series B-190 Liquid Level Switch-Control

Top Mounted Displacer Type, Adjustable Setpoints, Magnetic Operation, Optional Hermetically Sealed Snap Switch
One of our most versatile level controls, the model B-190 can be used on all types of tank or sump level control applications. Three porcelain displacers provide deadband adjustment. Unit can start a sump pump (for example) when liquid reaches the high set point and turn the pump off when the level drops to the low set point. Unit works equally well in pressurized tanks. Two stage units also available.  Dimensional Information
Service: Compatible liquids.
Wetted Materials: Cable, Spring and Stops: 316 SS. Optional Inconel spring. Displacers: porcelain. Optional 304 SS, 316 SS, or karbate (graphite).
Temperature Limits: 32 to 200°F (0 to 93.3°C). Higher ratings available.
Pressure Limit: 125 psig (8.6 bar). Higher ratings available.
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X. Optional general purpose or explosion-proof.
Switch Type: SPDT snap switch, hermetically sealed snap switch or mercury switch. Optional DPDT or two stage.
Electrical Rating: Snap Switch: 12A @ 120 VAC, 5A @ 240 VAC, 0.5A @ 125 VDC resistive, 0.25A @ 250 VDC resistive. Hermetically Sealed Snap Switch: 5A @ 120 VAC, 5A @ 240 VAC, 5A @ 30 VDC resistive. Mercury Switch: 4A @ 120 VAC/DC, 2A @ 240 VAC/DC. Higher contact ratings available for the mercury switch.
Electrical Connections: Screw terminal.
Conduit Connection: 3/4" female NPT.
Process Connections: 4" 125# cast iron flange. Other material, size, and rating flanges are available.
Mounting Orientation: Vertical.
Set Point Adjustment: Adjustable by moving displacers, see dimension chart for minimum and maximum values.
Weight: 25 lb (11.34 kg).
Agency Approvals: UL and CSA.
Deadband: Adjustable by moving displacers, see dimension chart for minimum and maximum values.
Specific Gravity: Standard is 1.0. Specify when ordering by replacing 1.0 in model number with specific gravity setting desired. Settable range is 0.5 to 1.2.
Cable Length: 10 ft (3 m) standard. Optional up to 100 ft (30.5 m).
POPULAR MODELS (stocked model in bold)
Model Number Description
 B190-WT-7810-P-A-1.0-2 SPDT Snap
B190-WT-4810-P-A-1.0-2 SPDT Mercury
 B190-WT-7810HM-P-A-1.0-2 SPDT Hermetically Seal Snap
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