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Model F7-MPP Miniature Level Switch

Compact Size, Ideal for Shallow Tanks, Low Cost

Hermetically sealed Model F7-MPP Level Switch is designed for use in highly acidic environments or food/beverage applications. The switch is constructed of solid polypropylene and rated for temperatures up to 150°F (66°C). Model F7-MPP is sealed with potting compound to ensure worry-free operation in moisture-ladened environments. The switch is submersible to NEMA 6 (IP67) rating. The model F7-MPP mounts vertically inside a tank or vessel with a 1/8" NPT(Male) connection.

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Electrical Rating: 50 Watts: 0.25A @ 150 VAC; 0.4A @ 120 VAC; 0.25A @ 200 VDC; 1.5A @24 VDC.
Temperature Range: -40 to 150°F (-40 to 66°C).
Maximum Pressure: 100 psig (6.89 bar).
Material (Float/Stern): Polypropylene
Minimum Specific Gravity: 0.80.
Deadband: Approximately 1/16" (2 mm).
Magnet Alnico.
Mounting Connection: 1/8" NPT(M), vertical mount.
Wire Leads: 22 AWG x 24" (61 cm), PVC.
Weight: 1.5 oz (43 g).
Popular Models:
Model Number Applications Material Float/Stem Temp. Limits Press. Limits
 F7-SB General purpose Buna-N & Epoxy/316SS 220 °F/105 °C 150 psig/10 bar
 F7-SS2 High temp/pressure, corrosives 316SS (CYC)/316SS 300 °F/149 °C 450 psig/31 bar
 F7-MPP²² Broad chemical compatibility Polypropylene/Polypropylene 180 °F/82 °C 100 psig/6.89 bar
 F7-MPP-NO³³ Broad chemical compatibility Polypropylene/Polypropylene 176 ºF/80º C 100 psig/6.89 bar
 F7-PP Broad chemical compatibility Polypropylene & Epoxy/Polypropylene 220 °F/105 °C 100 psig/6.89 bar
 F7-BT Oils & Fuels Buna-N & Epoxy/PBT² 220 °F/105 °C 150 psig/10 bar
 F7-K Food/beverage, corrosives Kynar®/Kynar® 180 °F/82 °C 100 psig/6.89 bar
 F7-C11 General purpose Buna-N/Brass 180 °F/82 °C 150 psig/10 bar
 F7-C21 Oils & water, general purpose Buna-N/316SS 180 °F/82 °C 150 psig/10 bar
 F7-BB High viscosity liquids Buna-N/Brass 180 °F/82 °C 150 psig/10 bar
 F7-PS Water-based liquids, complies with FDA Polysulfone/Polysulfone³ 225 °F/107 °C 50 psig/3 bar
 F7-PVC Chemical & plating CPVC/CPVC 180 °F/82 °C 15 psig/1 bar
 F7-T1 Viscous, sticky or corrosive liquids Teflon®/Teflon® 300 °F/149 °C 30 psig/2 bar
 F7-ST713¹¹ Oils, water & chemicals 316SS/316SS 300 °F/149 °C 750 psig/52 bar
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