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Series MSP Isolating Transmitter

Adds Single Channel Analog In or Out to a PLC, Field Re-Configure Signal Range

The MSP family of analog I/O blocks offers the freedom to use any analog sensor with many models of PLC. Each MSP block provides a single analog input (or output) interface between the PLC and the analog world. Communications between the MSP unit and the PLC is through a patented protocol that provides truly "open" architecture for analog signals to be processed digitally.

The MSP is factory pre configured to support a specific analog input or output signals, depending on the model. Optionally, the MSP signal range can be reconfigured in the field using the Windows™ based configuration software model SCC-CC-A1 (sold separately).

Input Analog Signal
The analog input signal is isolated, filtered, amplified, scaled and/or linearized by the MSP micro-processor and converted to a 16-bt, binary weighted, digital word which is transmitted serially (one bit at a time) at 24VDC signal levels to the PLC’s discrete I/O port. At the PLC, each binary-weighted bit sent to the discrete input is temporarily stored until all 16 bits have been received. The digital word is then reassembled and its value (proportional to the analog signal) is placed in a working register of choice for decision making by the PLC program.

Output Analog Signal
The numerical value representing a desired analog output signal is placed into a PLC working register of choice. This value is transmitted serially (one bit at a time)at 24VDC signal levels to the MSP through the PLC ’s discrete I/O port. The MSP scales, linearized and proportionally converts the digital signal to the voltage or current output signal. The signal is then sent to the isolated output channel for use by a analog actuator connected at the output channel.  Dimensional Information

Isolation: 1500 VAC continuous (3-way, 2-way for excitation).
Inputs: See Ranges Chart below.
Input Impedance: 1G ohm (mV/TC), 55K ohm (V), 82 ohm (C).
Output Impedance: >10M ohm (C), -0 ohm (V).
Power Requirements: 15-32 VDC @ 25 mA - 45 mA.
Accuracy: 0.05% F.S.
CJC Accuracy: 0.2°C over 15 to 55°C (ambient) 1.0°C over -40 to 14°C; .3°C over 56 to 75°C.
Drift: 0.01% F.S. per °C (offset + gain).
Dimensions: 88 mm (H) x 68 mm (D) x 12 mm (W).
Ambient Operating Temperature: -40 to 167°F (-40 to 75°C).
Storage Temperature: -49 to 185°F (-45 to 85°C).
Humidity Conditions: 95% non-condensing.
Mounting: DIN rail (32 mm-G and 35 mm-H).
Connections: Screw terminals for 14-22 AWG.
Weight: 1.4 oz (40 g).
Agency Approvals: UL, cUL, CSA CE.
Type J Thermocouple -32 to 32 & 32 to 1400 -200 to 0 & 0 to 760
Type K Thermocouple -328 to 32 & 32 to 2498 -200 to 0 & 0 to 1370
Type T Thermocouple -328 to 32 & -256 to 752 -200 to 0 & -160 to 400
Type E Thermocouple -328 to 32 & -148 to 1832 -200 to 0 & -100 to 1000
Type R Thermocouple 32 to 3214 0 to 1768
Type S Thermocouple 32 to 3214 0 to 1768
Type B Thermocouple 32 to 3322 0 to 1832
Type N Thermocouple -328 to 32 & 32 to 2373 -200 to 0 & 0 to 1300
100 Ohm Plt. 0.00385 DIN RTD -328 to 1562 -200 to +850
120 Ohm Nickel 0.00628 US RTD -112 to +392 -80 to +200
1000 Ohm Plt. O.00385 DIN RTD -328 to +1592 -200 to +850
Potentiometer 0 to 500Ω min.; 0 to 100KΩ max.
Current/Voltage 0-20 mADC/ 0 to 10 VDC
Popular Models:
Model Number Parameter Signal Direction
 MSP-TC-IN Thermocouple To PLC
 MSP-V-IN Voltage To PLC
 MSP-V-OUT Voltage From PLC
 MSP-C-IN Current To PLC
 MSP-C-OUT Current From PLC
 MSP-POT-IN Potentiometer To PLC
Model Number Description
 SCC-4W Power Supply
 SCC-CC-A1 Windows® Software and Cable
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