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Series PD Pro-Data Programmable Data Logger

Measure Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Pressure, or Voltage

Read, measure, and record temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, and voltage with the multifunction Series PD Pro-Data Programmable Data Logger. The handheld measuring instrument has the capability to record 4000 day/time stamped samples and store data up to 40 days. The nonvolatile memory will retain recorded information in the absence of power to be recalled later. Recorded data can be viewed on the alphanumeric LCD display, sent directly to a printer, or transferred to an IBM compatible computer for later analysis.

The dual channel logger uses plug-in sensors to measure the desired parameters. Sensors are available in three different configurations - temperature/humidity/dew point, temperature/pressure, or temperature/voltage. All sensors are field interchangeable for application flexibility and do not require recalibration when changed. Unit features programmable sampling rate, selectable °F or °C, backlit display, and rear panel keyholes for permanent mounting.

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Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Sensor: 4" plastic temp sensor for air only; Temp. Range: -40 to 170°F (-40 to 75°C), Accuracy: ±2°F (±1°C); Humidity Range: 0 to 100% @ 32 to 130°F (0 to 55°C), Accuracy: ±2%; Dew Point Range: 32 to 130°F (0 to 55°C).
Temperature/Pressure Sensor: 4" SS submersible temp sensor; Temp. Range: -40 to 170°F (-40 to 75°C), Accuracy: ±2°F (±1°C); Press. Range: 0 to 500 psi (0 to 35 bar), accuracy: ±1% FS.
Temperature/Voltage Sensor: 4" SS submersible temp sensor; Temp. Range: -40 to 170°F (-40 to 75°C), Accuracy: ±2°F (±1°C); Voltage Range: 24 to 270 VAC, 24 to 180 VDC.
Memory Size: 4,000 samples.
Display: Alphanumeric backlit LCD, 16 characters x 2 lines.
Sampling Method: 5 hr, 15 hr, 30 hr, 60 hr, 2 weeks, or 40 days (field selectable).
Sampling Rates: Field selectable from 5 seconds to 15 minutes.
Computer Requirements: IBM compatible 286 or above and MS-DOS 3.0 or later. DB25 Male-Male.
Power Requirements: 115 VAC 50/60 Hz adapter (220 VAC available) or 9V alkaline battery for 24 hr backup power source (not included). External power may be supplied from any 12 VDC source.
Printer Interface: Parallel centronics compatible printer port.
Cable Length: All are 6 ft (1.8 m).
Weight: 10 oz (284 g).
Agency Approvals: CE.

PD7 - Replacement Temperature/Humidity Sensor.
PD8 - Replacement Pressure/Temperature Sensor.
PD9 - Replacement Temperature/Event Sensor.
PD77 - 10 ft. Extension Cable for Humidity/Temperature Sensor.
PD85 - 25 ft. Extension Cable for Pressure/Temperature/Event Sensor.

Model Numbers (stocked models in bold)
Model Number Sensors Included
PD101 Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point
PD201 Temperature/Pressure
PD301 Temperature/Voltage
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