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Clark Reliance Combination Separator-Trap HSW Series 300PSIG

Anderson Separator's full line of HSW in-line horizontal combination separator-traps are a cost effective choice to remove moisture or condensate from compressed air, steam, and gas with a reduced potential of re-entrainment.   Fabricated at our fully automated machining center, Anderson's line of combination separator-traps  are available from 1/2" through 3" sizes off the shelf. 

  • Fabricated carbon steel or optional stainless steel design.
  • Operating service up to 300 PSIG at 500ºF
  • All stainless steel internal control components.
  • Units are machined and assembled in an ISO-9001 fully automated facility.
  • Designed to remove 99% of particulate entrainment 10 microns and larger over a wide range of flows.
  • In line trap component maintenance with Anderson's drop-out bottom containment plate.
  • Heat treated trap seat and disc for maximum life.
  • Designed in accordance with ASME Code, Sec VIII, Div 1, for unfired pressure vessels. 
  • ASME "UM" code stamp available as an option.



The process gas enters the vessel through the inlet connection and is directed through Anderson's engineered Hi-eF TM centrifugal separation element. Centrifugal force throws the entrained liquid to the walls of the unit where it drains to the bottom reservoir below the baffle plate.  The level of the reservoir is automatically controlled by the float trap mechanism, purging the vessel of unwanted condensate with no pressure drop to the system. Anderson's exclusive optional stainless steel mesh screen assembly protects the trap function and helps prevent the drain orifice from obstructions, thus offering maximum protection from costly malfunctions such as catastrophic carry over or excessive gas/steam loss in the purge cycle. The scrubbed gas passes up through the outlet connection, completely free (99%) of entrained particulate 10 microns and larger, with minimum pressure drop across the unit.


Anderson's HSW series of separator-traps have been tested in our flow lab to determine separation efficiencies. The results show that the entrainment removal efficiency to be consistently over 99% through the entire flow velocity range. The fluid discharge capacities over all sizes at various differential  (Pin - Pout) pressure ranges are: (Note: data @ SG=1.0)

Click to openPressure - Temperature Ratings
-20 TO 100 -29 TO 38 300 20.6 300 20.6
150 65 300 20.6 300 20.6
200 93 300 20.6 300 20.6
250 121 300 20.6 300 20.6
300 149 300 20.6 300 20.6
350 177 300 20.6 300 20.6
400 204 300 20.6 300 20.6
450 232 300 20.6 300 20.6
500 260 300 20.6 300 20.6