Monolothic Insulated Joints

Insulated Joints are available in sizes ranging from 2" thru 48" and pressure ranging from ANSI 150 to ANSI 900.

Tube Turns Monolothic Insulated Joints electrically isolate sections of pipeline to prevent corrosion caused by stray electrical currents or interference from other pipelines and power transmission cables.

Tube Turns Monolithic Joints are boltless to satisfy customers that require a boltless construction for ease of final wrapping and coating after final installation of the pipeline.

Tube Turns is fully qualified in house to provide Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic, and Liquid Penetrant examination along with NDE test reports to meet customer requirements.

Each joint manufactured by Tube Turns is completely factory assembled and hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times the working pressure before shipment. In addition, each joint is electrically tested to verify its insulating capability.
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