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McCrometer FPI Mag Flowmeter

Now With Forward / Reverse Bi-Directional Measurement!

FPI MagThe FPI Mag is a Full Profile Insertion flow meter combining the ease of hot tap installation with an accurate measurement of the full flow profile. This is accomplished with a unique operating principle featuring multiple electrodes across the entire pipe diameter. This allows the FPI Mag to deliver accuracy unmatched by other insertion mag meters and rivals the performance of a full-bore mag meter.

The FPI Mag Flow Meter from McCrometer installs without interrupting service, de-watering lines, cutting pipe or welding flanges. Installation costs are reduced by eliminating the need for heavy equipment or extensive manpower. The FPI Mag is the industry’s most economical flow metering solution for large pipe sizes, reducing installed costs by more than 45 percent.

The enhanced design of the new FPI Mag Flow Meter features additional sensing electrodes across the entire pipe diameter for increased sensitivity and is now packaged in a heavy-duty 316 stainless steel sensor body for maximum structural integrity. The sensor is coated with a NSF certified 3M fusion-bonded epoxy coating for operational longevity.

The FPI Mag meter’s compact insertion design fits in confined spaces with limited access and offers total accessibility. The flow meter can be removed in pipes under pressure for easy inspection, cleaning, calibrating or verification with McCrometer’s own NIST traceable Calibration Lab. It is particularly cost-effective for retrofit applications replacing flow meters or in sites never metered before.

Key features include:
  • Ease of hot tap installation without interrupting service
  • Economical Solution for medium & large line sizes reducing totalinstalled cost by more than 45%
  • Insertion design for total accessibility. Removable in pipes under pressure for inspection, cleaning, calibration or verification.
  • Multi-electrode sensor delivers accurate total flow profile rivaling the performance of a full-bore meter
  • Robust Construction for operationallongevity with rugged 316 stainless steel sensor body
  • Sensor is coated with NSF Certified 3M fusion-bonded epoxy coating ensuring superior long-term operation
  • Virtually no recalibration or maintenance. Comes pre-calibrated from McCrometer's NIST traceable Calibration Lab. With no moving parts, the sensor contains nothing to wear or break.
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FPI MagmeterThe FPI Mag makes use of Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction to measure water velocity. Faraday's Law states: A conductor, moving through a magnetic field, produces a voltage. Because water is a conductor, water moving through a magnetic field produces a voltage. The magnitude of the voltage is directly proportional to the velocity at which the water moves through the magnetic field.
  • Multiple electromagnetic coils inside the sensor produce multiple magnetic fields, and multiple sets of stainless steel electrodes on the sensor’s surface measure the voltage generated by the moving water.
  • The electrode pairs are located so that each measures an equal cross-sectional area.
  • The velocity measurements are added together, providing an area-weighted average velocity across the pipe centerline.
  • Flow is then calculated by multiplying the average velocity by the cross-sectional area of the pipe.
Click to openSpecifications:

The following specifications will help determine if the FPI Mag is suited for your specific flow measurement application.

  • Range: Nominal pipe size availability
  • Accuracy: ±1% of reading ±0.03 ft/s (±0.009 m/s) zero stability from 0.3 to 20 ft/s velocity range (0.09 to 6 m/s)
  • Linearity: 0.3% of range
  • Repeatability: 0.20% of range
  • Model:395L for pipe sizes 4-138 inches (101.6 mm - 3.5 m)
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The following flow and installation parameters will help you decide whether the FPI Mag is suited to your specific flow measurement application.

Velocity Range for Pipe Sizes 4" to 138"
FPI Pipe Velocities
Flow Parameters:
Velocity Range 0.3 to 20 ft/s
Sensor Operating Temperature 14° to 170°F (-10° to 77°C) @ 250 psi - Standard
Installation Parameters:
Pipeline Sizes 4 to 138 inches (101.6 mm to 3.5 m)
Mounting Full Port Valve or Corporation Stop
Environmental protection rating IP67