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Dwyer Model GCK

Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide Gas Calibration Kit
200 PPM CO/2000 PPM CO2 Gas Concentrations
Dwyer Model GCKThe Model GCK-200CO-2000CO2 Gas Calibration Kit provides a reliable flow of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide to calibrate Dwyer® gas sensing transmitters. Every kit includes a span gas of 200 PPM carbon monoxide and 2000 PPM of carbon dioxide, a reference gas of 99.99% nitrogen, a 0.5 LPM flow regulator, and tubing. For convenient transportation, each kit is packaged in a hard carrying case. A certificate of analysis and material safety data sheets are included for both gas cylinders.

Gas Concentrations: 200 PPM CO/2000 PPM CO2 for span gas, 99.99% N2 for reference gas.
Flow Regulator Flow Rate: 0.5 LPM.
Cylinder Capacity: 0.6 ft3 @ 70°F and 240 psig (17 L @ 21°C & 1654 KPAG).
Accuracy: ±2%.
Weight: 14 lb (15 oz).

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